Monday, July 05, 2010

Summer Sensations

This Sunday was my last one at Twin Cities for a while. I'll be leading worship at a church in Vacaville called Covenant Community for the next couple of months. The plan is to drive down on Sunday, lead worship with their group and then practice for the next week after services. Although I'm not looking forward to being away from my family (immediate and church) on Sundays this has been orchestrated by God and is a blessing all the way around. Not only will I be leading worship (which I love to do) and getting paid for it but I'll also be building a team that will be more equipped with an understanding of worship. It's so great to see God working in ways that benefit so many at the same time.

My prayer is that everyone at CC in Vacaville, my family and even Twin Cities would be blessed by this endeavor and I feel very confident it will be a stretching experience for us all. This is only for a season and when I come back I'll be back in the saddle and ready to ride! I'm finding more and more that ventures that benefit more than yourself are far more fulfilling in accomplishing the greater good of others. My goal is to focus on finding the needs of others and meeting those needs as a humble servant of the Lord.

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